FAB-125 A. Heavy-Duty 2.2HP Stone Cutter 5-inch Contour or Flat Blade Wet/Dry for stone, tile and masonry

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Feature :

  • 2.2 HP - 1650 Watt Heavy-Duty, Long-lasting bearings, High Temperature Resistant Internal Windings
  • Can use flat or contour diamond blade easy to install stainless steel contour blade adapter, Blade Not Included
  • Cutting Depth 1-5/8'', Direct Port Injection Ball Valve Water Feed, 15 ft High Pressure Water Hose,Solid Brass Hose Bib
  • Heavy-Duty Switch with Anti-Fatigue Double Finger Trigger,15 ft Power Cord, Built in G.F.C.I.
  • Easy Adjustable Base Plate,Includes scratch resistant base plate padding

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Description :

The saw is designed for the rigorous day- to-day use of a fabrication shop. It is engineered with high-quality, top- of-the-line components. The saw is made to last with its 2.2 horsepower - 1650 watts of power to cut through 3 cm or 1-1/4" material with ease, making it the strongest saw in its class. Stainless steel contour blade adapter: The saw is designed to easily change between straight or contour blades, making it ideal for round bowl cutting. Direct port injection water feed system with 15 feet water hose: The direct port injection system allows for complete water saturation of the blade within the shroud itself, eliminating the plastic fork system. This also gives the operator improved visibility and better access for installation and removal of the blade, especially when installing a contour blade. It has 15 feet of braided reinforced polyurethane ether-based flexible hose that has a working pressure of 220 PSI. The brass hose bib and the full port solid brass ball valve make it a high quality, bulletproof completely assembled water feed that allows the operator to use line pressure with no need for any pressure regulator. Heavy-duty four bolt flange mounted sealed bearing system: This bearing system is designed for high production usage. The precision bearing is sealed to keep out dust, dirt and moisture which extends the life of the bearing. 2.2 horsepower -1650 watt motor with high temperature resistant internal windings: The saw power plant is a 2.2 horsepower - 1650 watt motor which gives the operator extra power to cut through thick materials with no effort and without having to step cut with a contour blade. With this extra power, the operator will never feel underpowered during the cut even when using rodding or curved contour blades. The windings are heat resistant up to 220 degrees, helping to prevent thermal meltdown which would create short circuiting and motor failure. This also help to extend the life of the saw during continuous usage.

FAB-125 A. Heavy-Duty 2.2HP Stone Cutter 5-inch Contour or Flat Blade Wet/Dry for stone, tile and masonry :

Specify dimensions in millimetres


Width X

Length Y

Height H

Thickness A

If size = 0, then the wall will not be shown Tick ​​- showing a fragment of the foundation Size X1 1 - 2 - 3 Size Y1 4 - 5 - 6 Size X2 7 - 8 - 9 Size Y2 a - b - c

Armature: The horizontal rows G Vertical rods V Connecting rods Z Step S Diameter of reinforcement D

Formwork: The thickness of the boards for formwork T Length of the board L The width of the board E

Composition of concrete: Proportions of concrete by weight: cement : sand   : macadam : :

Enter the cost of building materials Cement (per bag) M Sand (for 1 ton) P Macadam (for 1 ton) E Boards (for 1 cubic meter) W Armature (for 1 ton) N

Footprint of the foundation:


The amount of concrete for the foundation:


Total reinforcement in tab in row: meter The horizontal rows: meter Vertical rods: meter The connecting rods: meter Compounds: The total weight of the valves: kg.

The area of ​​formwork: m2. Lumber: m3. or length boards mm, width mm.


Cement (specific weight = 1500 cubic meters) kg. or the number of bags of cement, 50 kg. PCs. The cost of cement

Sand (specific weight = 1 500 cubic meters) kg. The cost of sand

Crushed stone (specific weight = 1300 cubic meters ) kg. The cost of Macadam

Board cubic meters The cost of lumber

Armature kg. The cost of armature

In total:

Density sand construction most likely depends on its content in clay compositions and moisture.

Clean sand with a minimum amount of impurities may have a density of 1300 kg./m3.

The sand containing a large amount of water and clay - 1800 kg./ M ..

The bulk density of the cement under various conditions:

Fresh cement - 1100-1200 kg./m3.

Caked cement - 1500-1600 kg./m3.

The density of crushed stone (Macadam):

Crushed granite- 1470 kg./m3.

Crushed sandstone - 1300 kg./m3.

Crushed terrikonovy - 1150 kg./m3.

tuff rubble - 800 kg./m3.

Crushed marble - 1500 kg./m3.

Crushed limestone - 1300 kg./m3.

Crushed slag - 1500 kg./m3.

Features reinforcement rod (GOST 5781-82)
№ profile armature, diameter mm.Space cross section cm².Weight per meter profile, kg.Meters in a ton of reinforcement

Strip foundation free online calculator

The required amount of cement for the manufacture of one cubic meter of concrete different in each case.

It depends on the brand of cement, desirable brand received concrete, the size and proportions of the fillers. Indicated in the bags.

It is not necessary to repeat how important the design of the house to calculate the amount of building materials for the foundation of the house. Because the cost of a monolithic foundation comes to the third value of the house.

This service will facilitate the planning and calculation of the basement at home. Help calculate the amount of concrete, reinforcement, shuttering boards for the device strip foundation.

What can you learn:

Footprint of the foundation (For example, to determine the amount of waterproofing to cover the finished basement) Amount of concrete for the foundation and floor slabs or pouring a basement floor (here will be fun, when, due to elementary errors in multiplication is not enough concrete). Reinforcement – the number of valves, automatic calculation of weight based on its length and diameter. The area of ​​the formwork and the amount of timber in cubic meters and in pieces. The area of ​​all surfaces (for the calculation of waterproofing the basement) and lateral surfaces and base. Added calculation of the cost of building materials of the foundation.

The same program will draw a blueprint of the foundation.

We hope the service will be useful to those who are building the foundation of their hands, and professionals-builders.


If you need to calculate the construction of the basement without internal partitions (walls), then you need to remove all the checkboxes (options 1 to 9; a, b, c) and set to 0 (zero) in dimensions X1, Y1, X2 and Y2.

Proportion and amount of cement, sand and gravel for making concrete are given the default reference, as recommended by manufacturers of cement. Just as the price of cement, sand, gravel.

However, the ready-mixed concrete is strongly dependent on the size of fractions of rubble or gravel, cement brand, its freshness and storage conditions. It is known that when long storage of cement loses its properties and quality of cement with high humidity deteriorate faster.

Please note that the cost of sand and gravel is specified in the program for 1 ton. Vendors also announced a price per cubic meter of sand, crushed stone or gravel.

Specific weight of sand depends on its origin. For example, River sand is heavier than a career. 1 cubic meter of sand weighs 1200-1700 kg on average – 1500 kg.

With gravel and rubble difficult. According to various sources, the weight of 1 cubic meter from 1200 to 2500 kg depending on size. Heavier – more than fine.

So count the cost per ton of sand and gravel you may need to refine or vendors.

However, the calculation still helps to know the estimated costs for building materials for filling the basement. Do not forget another wire for knitting fittings, nails or screws for the casing, the delivery of construction materials, the cost of excavation and construction work.