Flap Discs 60 Grit 10 Pieces 3''-Quick Change Grinding Wheels - For Rotary Tools, Die Grinder, Drill, Blending And Finishing Applications, By Katzco.

Brand: Katzco
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Feature :

  • 10 PACK- Never run out in the middle of a job from flap discs, Katzco grinding discs come in a pack of 10 discs so you have enough to get any grinding job done. Each individual 3 inch disc is 40 grits.
  • EASY TO USE- With our Quick Change mechanism All it takes is one simple turn and the disc is securely locked onto the mandrel. Use with any air or electric drill, die grinder, and other rotary tools for the utmost sanding control.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL- Katzco flap discs are made of high quality aluminum oxide. Professional Quality grinding discs will level, strip, rebuff, and prep our surfaces. Removes paint off of surfaces as well.
  • OUR SPECIALTY- the Katzco lineup includes an extensive selection abrasive flap discs and sanding flap wheels for sale. You can find a flap wheel in a wide range of sizes and in grits from 24 to 120G. Like all of our products, these flap wheels and discs can provide the innovative solution you need for your specific sanding and finishing applications.
  • CHECK US OUT- When it comes to purchasing flap discs, you have plenty of options. However, a reputable company that cares about you and your project will help you experience a better result. Katzco has a large variety of tools, accessories and supplies to meet your immediate needs and your needs in the future.

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Description :

Flap Discs 60 Grit 10 Pieces 3'' Quick Change Grinding Wheels - For Rotary Tools, Die Grinder, Drill, Roloc, blending and finishing applications By Katzco

Trying to get a grinding job done but don't have what you need to do it?

Well look no further!

Katzco's grinding discs will take care of your surface prep and finishing needs

Coming in 60 grits and 3 inches big, these discs are ideal for many types of surfaces such as:

• Aluminum

• Concrete

• Engineered stone

• Granite

Discs can remove paint and sand, grind, level, and strip surfaces and makes quick work of it.

With just a simple turn the disk is securely locked onto the mandrel and is ready to go

Can be used on :< /B>

• Air drill

• Electric Drill

• Die Grinder

• Other Rotary Tools.

This product is a very versatile tool for home and workshops

So what are you waiting for? Get a quality product that is affordable and will last with Katzco.

Flap Discs 60 Grit 10 Pieces 3''-Quick Change Grinding Wheels - For Rotary Tools, Die Grinder, Drill, Blending And Finishing Applications, By Katzco. :

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