Craftsman 6-amp, 2,700 RPM Corded Reciprocating Saw

Brand: Craftsman
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6-Amp Corded Reciprocating Saw Is Versatile Power If nothing else will do the trick, add the Craftsman 6-amp corded reciprocating saw to your bag of tricks and you'll be back on track in no time. With speeds up to 2,700 rpm and a 3/4-inch blade stroke length, this saw has the power you need for construction, plumbing, demolition work, heating and air conditioning repair or jobs around the house. It can cut through wood, metal, drywall, PVC and more with ease. Weighing in at a shade over seven pounds, the 6-amp corded reciprocating saw is easy to work with. Dual work lights boost visibility, while a tool-less blade clamp lets you work more efficiently. A soft handle lets you keep your grip no matter how long you're working with this high-performance saw. For tricky projects where every other cutting device has failed you, turn to the power and versatility of the Craftsman 6-amp corded reciprocating saw A six-amp motor and heavy-duty machined gearbox power the saw It has a variable speed range up to 2,700 rpm with 3/4-inch blade stroke length The adjustable shoe enhances stability and gives clear visibility of the blade in any position Increase work productivity with the tool less blade clamp and the dual LED work lights Eight-foot cord Weighs 7.3 pounds Includes the saw, blade, an Allen wrench and a manual One-year limited warranty

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Craftsman 6-amp, 2,700 RPM Corded Reciprocating Saw :

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