Jobber 6 Construction Calculator

Brand: Jobber Instruments
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Feature :

  • Performs basic and complex math, Convert between U.S., metric units, decimal, Accurate to 1/16 inch
  • Set user preferences
  • LCD display is easy to read, and the keypad is color-coded and grouped according to function.
  • Recalls your last 16 entries, plus it has an additional 6 memory slots
  • Includes:Protective hard case with magnetic back, 1 3-volt lithium battery, 6 month limited warranty

  • List Price : $69.95
  • Price : $69.95
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Description :

The Jobber 6 is a conveniently small but powerful construction calculator that provides a wide array of solutions for building projects. It calculates stairways, roofs, square ups, rake walls, and anything else you need on a job site. Additionally, it performs complex calculations using trigonometry, circular, and right triangle math. This calculator is an excellent handy tool for construction professionals, architects, designer, engineers, and anyone that needs fast accurate dimensions. The Jobber 6 performs powerful accurate calculations for roof construction. Use it to calculate the number and placement of jack rafters, hips, valleys, trusses, and beams. Find the jack lengths, hip pitch, or common rafter length in a few simple keystrokes. You can also set your preference for default spacing. The Jobber 6 calculator accurately calculates solutions for raked walls. For the rake-up function, use the rise, run, and slope information to set default spacing for studs. Add temporary special spacing for a specific situation at any point, if necessary. When you have finished using the temporary spacing, the calculator automatically reverts back to the previously selected default spacing. The rake-down function uses the same method, except it starts with the high point of the triangle. Use the calculator to plan complex stairways. You can solve for an entire stairway using the floor to floor height, maximum riser height, and tread length. With this information, the calculator solves for the run dimension, slope, beam length, number of risers, number of treads, and all factors needed for accurate stairway measurements. The Jobber 6 construction calculator converts between U.S., metric, and decimal, solves for the lowest denominator, and is accurate to 1/16 inch. Jobber 6 has an exclusive 0-15 digit keypad, enabling quicker numeric entry. There is a handy backspace key for quick corrections.

Jobber 6 Construction Calculator :

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