Craftsman Easy Fire Stapler/Nail Gun

ASIN: B007C6L3H4
Brand: Craftsman
Post : 7 mon ago (February 7, 2017) | 240 views.

Feature :

  • Suitable for construction, carpentry, home use and many more applications
  • Can shoot staples and brad nails too
  • Pressure applied is consistent for increased efficiency
  • One hand operation design gives you more control
  • Window on the tool shows staples remaining

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Description :

Keep your structures from falling apart with this Craftsman Easyfire Forward Action Stapler/Brad Nailer. Whether you're making finishing touches to a house or just want to fix art work on a wall, this stapler will drive tough narrow crown staples into your surface. You can choose between staples and brad nails depending on the job. For maximum efficiency, it applies pressure directly over the surface you're working on. It is designed so you can use it with one hand. It is firm and has a taper spring to reduce kickback. Because it gives you more control over the tool, you can apply pressure that is consistent and therefore more effective. The All-Purpose Stapler/Brad Nailer is designed to be as competent and as convenient as possible. It cuts loading time in half so you can work faster. It also has a wire guide already integrated. You can keep track of how many staples are remaining through its windows.

Craftsman Easy Fire Stapler/Nail Gun :

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