3M Dust Respirators 8210 Plus, N95, 20-Pack

Brand: 3M
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Feature :

  • Designed to help provide comfortable reliable worker respiratory protection against non-oil based particles
  • Two-strap design with welded point attachment helps provide a secure seal
  • Adjustable nose clip helps provide a custom fit and secure seal
  • N95 approved filtering facepiece particulate respirator - NIOSH/MSHA Approved
  • Compatible with a variety of protective eyewear and hearing protection
  • Adjustable noseclip reduces potential for eyewear fogging and helps ensure a better seal and fit
  • Two-strap design with welded dual point attachment helps provide a secure fit
  • Suggested applications: Grinding, Sanding, Sweeping, Bagging and other dusty operations

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Description :

The lightweight, disposable N95 particulate respirator is designed to help provide quality, reliable worker respiratory protection. 3M uses a variety of innovative features to help you meet your respiratory protection and comfort needs. The respirator incorporates 3M's proprietary technology with advanced electrostatically charged microfiber filter media. It's adjustable noseclip and cushioning nose foam help provide a custom fit with secure seal and reduces potential for eyewear fogging. These comfort features, along with the welded strap attachment and lightweight construction promote greater worker acceptance and may help increase wear time. WARNING: These respirators help reduce exposures to certain airborne contaminants. Before use, the wearer must read and understand the User Instructions provided as a part of the product packaging. In the U.S., a written respiratory protection program must be implemented meeting all the requirements of OSHA 1910.134 including training, fit testing and medical evaluation. In Canada, CSA standards Z94.4 requirements must be met and/or requirements of the applicable jurisdiction, as appropriate. Misuse may result in sickness or death. For proper use, see package instructions, supervisor, or call 3M OH&ESD Technical Service in USA at 1-800-243-4630 and in Canada at 1-800-267-4414.

3M Dust Respirators 8210 Plus, N95, 20-Pack :

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