Amana Tool 45460 Flush Trim Template and Pattern Plunge 2-Flute Carbide Tipped Router Bit with Upper Ball Bearing, 1/4-Inch Shank

ASIN: B000637UOK
Brand: Amana Tool
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Feature :

  • Cutting diameter 1/2-Inch
  • 1-Inch cutting height
  • 1/4-Inch shank, 2-flute
  • Carbide tipped, industrial quality

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Description :

Flush Trim Plunge Template Router Bits w/ Upper Ball Bearing

Amana Tool 45460 Flush Trim Template and Pattern Plunge 2-Flute Carbide Tipped Router Bit with Upper Ball Bearing, 1/4-Inch Shank :

Bike storage is one of the most popular types of garden storage there is, probably because bike riding is extremely popular in the U.K. especially after the Olympics and Team G.B’s success. Bike riding is good for you as it gets you off the settee and gets your heart racing,it is an eco-friendly and cheap way to get to work or to to school and it is fun.But what are you going to do with your bike(s) ,the gear and the maintenance equipment that comes along with bike riding ?

Once you have the bikes and all the associated bike stuff you need good quality bike storage to accomodate it.Otherwise your bikes can take up a lot of valuable space either in your garage or in your house and at a time when we are all trying to de-clutter and be minimal this is not ideal.You could decide to keep your bike outside but this is a risky strategy as firstly,your bike will be exposed to all that the  Great British weather can throw at it.Bike storage is a great investment as it will keep your bike looking in showroom condition and it will stop it rusting. This means less maintenance and more riding for you and good bike storage will save you money as it will mean you don’t need to replace your bike so quickly. Now is the time to plan your bike storage for the colder ,wetter months ahead.

Secondly,you need to keep your bike safe and secure and out of the clutches of opportunistic thieves. If you bike is stored outside there is more of a risk of it being stolen.Even if it is insured it will be a hassle to replace and your insurance premium will probably go up.

Investing in good quality bike storage is the answer.There are many different designs, materials and sizes of bike storage available to suit your home and your budget. Metal bike storage is hard wearing and durable and possibly the most secure type of bike storage available. Many come with great guarantees of up to 15 years against things like corrosion. Metal bike storage is one of the more expensive bike storage solutions but there is that old saying you get what you pay for. You can use metal paint to change the colour of your metal bike storage to ensure it complements its surroundings. They are heavy and secure and come with lockable doors but you can also add padlocks for added deterrent to thieves.

Plastic bike storage is low maintenance and probably the cheapest bike storage option available. Plastic cannot be painted to blend it into your outside space and for some the look of plastic bike storage is not what they want in their garden. It is durable and will last although some plastic does fade over time. It is easy to keep clean and it is lightweight and so is easy to build and move.

Wooden bike storage is a very popular choice. It will require yearly maintenance with preservative to ensure your wooden bike storage stays weather resistant and looking good. Most people love the look of wooden storage solutions and find it will blend into their garden and suit their home and their taste. Look out for bike storage with lockable doors and avoid designs with windows as they aren’t really necessary and are just an invitation to thieves to look in and see what you are storing and they provide a quick entry system for them to gain access to your bikes and equipment. Think about adding extra security such as padlocks if necessary, security lights that can be powered by a solar panel. Choose solar lights that even charge on a cloudy day. Check that the solar light you choose are very bright to ensure if anything dodgy is happening in the garden it is well illuminated which will deter thieves and get them to leave your bikes alone. There are also burglar alarm solutions you can add to your bike storage for extra peace of mind. It is also worth checking if your house insurance covers the contents of your garden shed.

If you need a base for your bike storage and you don’t want to use concrete look at the Hawklok plastic base. This is a system that is 100% recycled and recyclable product that is quick and easy to lay so ideal if you are looking to set up your bike storage solution quickly. Hawklok has the added advantage that can be picked up and reused elsewhere.

There are about a billion bicycles in the world, but luckily you probably only need good quality bike storage for two or three.So if you have a passion for two wheeled adventure sort out your bike storage to deter thieves and ensure you have somewhere safe and secure that doesn’t clutter up your home or garage.

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